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Ben Daniels Answers Your Questions

Interview from 2003, source: the free library

He may be good-looking, charismatic and have scores of women swarming around him but that’s where the similarity between Cutting It’s Finn Bevan and the actor who plays him ends, for in real life Ben Daniels has no doubt broken the hearts of his army of female fans by revealing that he is gay and happily settled with his long-term boyfriend.

Nuneaton-born Daniels, 38, shot to fame after playing four times married Bevan in the TV hairdressing drama, which also stars Amanda Holden. A new series starts soon…

Q. Why did you become an actor?

A. I was a most shy child and very fat. We had drama lessons at school and I could become someone else.

Q. What is the worst haircut you have ever had?

A. I was about 16 and wanted to look like Terry from Fun Boy Three so I went to a local barber’s and I said, `I think I need a root perm.’ The assistant gave me an old lady’s bubble perm, but I had shaved it off within two days.

Q. Which is your favourite hair salon?

A. Daniel Galvin. There’s a great guy there called Lino who cuts the hair of all of the cast fromCutting It. He was Amanda’s (Holden) hairdresser and is now hairdresser to all of us.

Q. What is the most you would pay for a haircut?

A. Lino does us a good deal so I would not be prepared to pay too much, especially as there’s not much you could do with my hair. Probably around 30 pounds.

Q. Describe your style in three words.

A. This is such a hard question. Eclectic, quirky and enthusiastic.

Q. Are you a natural blond and do they have more fun?

A. I am a natural blond but they dyed it darker for Real Men so it was a weird gingery colour. And I think they have as much fun as anyone else.

Q. Do you prefer long or short hair on a woman?

A. It depends on the shape of the face. Sarah Parish (Cutting It’s Allie Henshall) has got good hair – it’s been extended down to her shoulders.

Q. Are you anything like the character, Finn, you play in Cutting It?

A. No and yes. I am a huge flirt and I have a sense of humour like he has, but I am very faithful and committed.

Q. What is Amanda Holden really like?

A. She’s fantastic. I just love her. The press she gets is just extraordinary but she’s so not the woman you read about in the papers. She has the image of a man-eating witch-woman but she’s not like that. She’s adorable.

Q. Do you consider yourself a sex symbol?

A. Oh no! I consider myself a fat, shy boy from the Midlands. I think that if you consider yourself a sex symbol you are slightly sad.

Q. Do you get recognised by fans often?

A. I do now, which is extraordinary. Fame is something which I have not been interested in remotely but after working solidly for 16 years I am suddenly getting stopped in the street. It’s bizarre.

Q. Do you like going to clubs and bars?

A. Yes. I really enjoy a good dance and letting my short hair down.

Q. How do you relax?

A. I watch movies and play with my PlayStation. I am a bit of a kid.

Q. What are the best and worst things about being an actor?

A. The best thing, which I also think is the worst thing, is that it’s very up in the air and unexpected. You don’t know what you will be doing next and each job is so different.

Q. What has been the highlight of your career?

A. Meeting Arthur Miller. I did a play (All My Sons) for which I won an Olivier Award and he heard about the production and flew over to see it. He was in the third row and sobbing. He is just a legend.

Q. You once starred in Soldier Soldier with Robson Green and Jerome Flynn. Can they really sing?

A. It was before their singing career took off and it was written into an episode that they had to sing. Yes, they can!

Q. What’s been your most embarrassing moment on screen?

A. I did a really intense interrogation scene in Real Men with Steve John Shepherd but we had uncontrollable giggles. It was towards the end of the shoot and we were really tired, but it was bad behaviour. I was very embarrassed.

Q. What’s your most embarrassing moment off screen?

A. I was filming a few years ago and at 5am I was in the make-up chair talking to the make-up girl about plastic surgery. She said lots of people thought she looked like Cher or Anita Harris. I said, `Has Anita Harris got a big nose then?’ It just came out of my mouth so then I said I really liked big noses.

Q. What’s your earliest memory?

A. When I was about three and tipped my younger sister out of her pram.

Q. What’s your favourite film?

A. Blue Velvet by David Lynch. He’s very dark and this dips into the seedy underbelly of America, undermining the American dream.



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