Cutting It · Press


From March 2002, the BBC Press Release of Cutting It

Ben gossip:

What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?

I wanted to have hair like Terry from Funboy 3, but I was given a granny bobble cut with pink dye instead.

Whose style do you admire?

Kevin Spacey.

Have you ever landed a role in a Hollywood movie?

Yes, two. I turned down the opportunity to star both alongside Mel Gibson in The Patriots and Chris O’Donnell in the film Vertical Limit.

Lifetime ambitions?

To work on stage in New York.

Did you know..?

• In 2001, Ben was awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Olivier Awards for All My Sons.
Place of birth: Nuneaton, near Coventry
Trained: LAMDA (London Academy Of Music and Dramatic Art)
Appeared in: Soldier Soldier, Films – Fanny And Elvis and Beautiful Thing

Ben Daniels plays Finn Bevan

With charisma in buckets, Finn’s on a mission to win Allie Henshall back!

Tall, blond, with steely blue eyes, 39-year-old Finn Bevan is a man on a mission: to win back the love of his life, Allie Henshall. But if he can’t get her, he’s quite prepared to bed as many women as possible until he does. And it’s easy to see why the lovable rogue wins women over, body and soul.

“He is a bit of a sex addict,” confesses Ben, with a wry smile. “Women fall for Finn because he’s incredibly flattering. He admires women and isn’t phoney in his appreciation of them.”

“People may have mixed feelings about him. But hopefully they’ll like him. Finn is a very successful businessman who comes up to Manchester from London ahead of his wife. He’s quite Machiavellian. He owns three bars in London and the stylish Byzantium bar in Manchester. He’s on his fourth marriage and his wives are getting relatively younger,” he laughs.

“I don’t think he’s in love with his wife, Mia. I think he likes her. I’m not sure to what extent she’s aware of this. I think their marriage is great but it’s not filled with love. She’s highly ambitious and Finn is the same, but Allie is the love of his life, they were very young when they first got together and now he wants her back!”

Debates will rage between women across the country – should Allie be reckless and choose Finn over dependable Gavin?

A tough businessman on screen, the Nuneatonborn actor says he couldn’t cut it in the real world. “No, I’m too soft,” he admits. “I’d be a
terrible businessman. My parents had businesses, my mum had a children’s clothes shop and my dad a grocers – they were very business-minded. You have to be ruthless to make it work and I’m a pushover.”

London-based Ben nearly didn’t take up the opportunity to play the dynamic Finn: “I was about to get on a plane to Croatia for a holiday when my agent said: ‘I think you’d really, really like this – I’ll send you a few pages over to read’. Then I met the director, Andy De Emmony, and producer Diederick Santer before taking the script on holiday to Croatia.”

The actor, whose film credits includes Fanny And ElvisBeautiful Thing and Conspiracy with Kenneth Branagh, recalls with some hilarity his moment of glory last year when he was taken completely by surprise: “I won the Olivier Award for Best Supporting Actor for All My Sons which I did at the National Theatre. I had been doing a film in Amsterdam and arrived that morning to go to the ceremony. My agent told me I hadn’t won, so I enjoyed myself and got slightly drunk. When they got to my category and said: ‘And the winner is, Ben Daniels,’ I was stunned! I went running up on the stage and gave Sarah Brightman a kiss that was a little bit too big!” he laughs.


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