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The Exorcist: Interview: Ben Daniels

There’s no question whether Ben Daniels has enjoyed his time playing Marcus on Fox’s The Exorcist (running on Syfy in the UK) alongside Alfonso Herrera as Father Tomas. Over the course of a long chat by phone with Paul Simpson now he’s back in the UK, he is constantly enthusiastic about the show, created by Jeremy Slater inspired by the novel by William Peter Blatty…

Spoiler alert: This interview discusses the major twist in the series revealed in episode 5

I was quite surprised you were using your natural voice rather than the English RP we often get in American series. Was that your choice?

It came from [the director of the pilot] Rupert Wyatt. Initially, it was written for a thirty year old American, so I came in completely from a side angle. Rupert Wyatt, Jeremy Slater the creator and Rolin Jones the show runner were like, “he’s the one!” Eventually when I got it, I was having a Skype session with Rupert and he was like, “What’s your accent? I can hear a bit of an accent.” I said I’m from the Midlands. He said, “What’s that like if you push it completely there?” I spoke a few sentences and he said that was perfect. He didn’t want something that sounded southern, he wanted something that sounded a bit older as an accent, that sounded stranger, that had more of a history behind it.

It completely unlocked everything then. I do lots of background and stuff anyway, but it was perfect that I could just set him from Nuneaton, which is where I’m from. He’s very specifically placed.

I had to tone the accent down, though. I was just doing ADR [additional dialogue recording] for ep 9. It was tiny, I had to do three lines. It was a bit of my Midlands accent where they couldn’t understand that “of” meant “off”. There are certain vowel sounds where they go, “I just don’t know what you’re saying”…

Read more of the interview here: Source


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