Ben is the narrator of the 2014 Channel Five (UK) documentary, Kids Who Kill. Watch the film here. Listen to a clip here.

image3201Pandemic (2011/12) – (BBC Radio 4: Episode 1): Ben as Dr. Jan Roldanus. Download Link for all 3 episodes.

Classic FM (2011 to 2013) – The voice of the radio station

True Encounters (1996 – “3: Love’s Executioner”): Ben as Matthew. Six real-life dramas based on the casebook of American psychiatrist Irvin Yalom. Dramatised by John Taylor. For BBC Radio 4. Source

His Dazed and Confused Advert by Rankin from the mid 1990s. Watch him with long hair here.

The Salamander Chest (1993): Ben as Arthur Beresford. By Grant Eustace. In a sequel to last Monday’s Absolute
Discretion, Alice Selwood strives to seek out the true identity of her father and in the course of her adventures finds that
1870s England can be a dangerous place. But first she must find her beloved Arthur in Oxford.  For BBC Radio 4. SourceDownload Link

Absolute Discretion (1991): Ben as Arthur Vernet. Arthur Vemet, a chemistry student at Oxford in the 1860s, is sent to investigate a mystery surrounding the Earl of Warminster’s family. He is soon embroiled in blackmail, murder and the love of a good woman … Written by Grant Eustace.
Director Alec Reid. For BBC Radio 4. SourceDownload Link

An oldie but goodie: Ben Daniels, Mars Boy from 1987! 🙂 Watch him here.

His voice for various commercials. Hear him here.


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