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Jesus Christ Superstar’s Ben Daniels: Pontius Pilate’s Prophetic Dream Changes ‘The Molecules In His Body’ (2018)

The Exorcist Interview: Ben Daniels (2017)


Exorcist‘s Ben Daniels Teases Marcus’ Finale Reunion With Mouse, Untangles Their Past: ‘He Was in Love With Her’ (2017)

[Exclusive] “The Exorcist” Star Ben Daniels Picks His Favorite Season 2 Moments So Far! – Bloody Disgusting (2017)

Ben Daniels Pulls Demonic Double Duty on ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘The Simpsons’ (2017)

The Exorcist at NYCC (2017)

The Exorcist: Interview: Ben Daniels (2016)

How To Fight A Demon: Ben Daniels Talks ‘The Exorcist’ (2016)

[Exclusive] “The Exorcist” Star Ben Daniels Reveals His Favorite Moments So Far (2016)

Entertainment Weekly’s The Cast of The Exorcist (2016)

Live from Comic-Con: The Cast of The Exorcist! (2016)

A Look at FOX’s Upcoming The Exorcist (2016)

Fox’s “The Exorcist” Is Not a Remake (But Linda Blair is Welcome to Join) (2016)

Q&A Ben Daniels of ‘Flesh And Bone’ on Starz (2015)

Flesh and Bone’s Ben Daniels on Why His Character Is ‘a Lost, Lonely Boy’ (2015)

Does Flesh & Bone feature the most vile man on TV? (2015)

From House of Cards to Ballet Barres With Flesh and Bone’s Ben Daniels (2015)

8 Questions With…Ben Daniels (2015)

‘Flesh and Bone’ is a big challenge for Ben Daniels (2015)

Ben Daniels on His ‘Flesh & Bone’ Maniacal Character: “He is a black hole.”(2015)

Ben Daniels On Finding Grace on the Outside, and the Monster Within (2015)

True or False: Did Ben Daniels Study Acting at Clown School? (2015)

Flesh and Bone premiere explores ‘the darker recesses of the human psyche,’ say its stars (2015)

Ben Daniels: “TV is in a ‘Golden Age'” (2013)

The Paradise series 2: “Ben Daniels – “This show is like 19th Century Dallas” (2013)

“Ben Daniels introduces the alpha male Tom Weston in The Paradise S02” (2013)

Ben Daniels Calls His Pairing With ‘The Paradise’s Lady Katherine TV’s “The New Den and Ange” (2013)

Ben Daniels on ‘The Paradise’ series 2: ‘Tom Weston is cruel, stubborn’ (2013)

Ben Daniels’ The Paradise Interview for BBC Media Centre (2013)

Ben Daniels Talks Doctor Who and the Search for the 12th Doctor (2013)

The Paradise Cast Interviews (2013)

The Paradise: Interview With Ben Daniels (2013)

Don’t Dress for Dinner: A conversation with actors Ben Daniels and Adam James (2012)

Farce of Don’t Dress For Dinner, a Relief (2012)

How Does An Actor Makes Farce Works? (2012)

Haunted Child Podcast with Joe Penhall, Jeremy Davison, Ben Daniels, and Sophie Okonedo (2011)

Ben Daniels: An Out and Out Success (2011)

Ben Daniels: The Best Performance I Have Ever Seen (2011)

Brief Encounter With… Luise Miller‘s Ben Daniels (2011)

Coventry Telegraph – LOUK Interview (2010)

Ben Daniels – Law & Order UK Interview (2010)

Birmingham Post – Law & Order UK Interview (2009)

Man of Steel in the Courtroom (2009)

Manchester Evening News – Law & Order UK: Ben Daniels (2009)

ITV “This Morning” Interview with Ben Daniels and Freema Agyeman (2009)

Digital Spy – LOUK Interview with Ben Daniels (2009)

Ben Daniels Talks About His Role as Caiaphas in the BBC Drama The Passion (2008)

Audio Interview About Ben Daniels’ Role as Valmont in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2008)

Ben Daniels Talks About Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2008)

A British Actor’s Seduction of America, New York Times (2008)

Ben Daniels and Charlotte Emmerson Talks About Therese Raquin (2006)

The State Within: Ben Daniels Interview (2006)

Cutting It on Stage (2004)

Real Men BBC Press Release (2003)

Ben Daniels Answers Your Questions (2003)

Cutting It – “Inside Out” Interview (2003)

Cutting It – Ben Daniels Interview (2002)

Interview With Ben Daniels for Cutting It – TVNZ (2002)

Cutting It Press Release (2002)

20 Questions With… Ben Daniels (2001)

900 Oneonta Interview (2001)


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