1985 to 1994

900 ONEONTA 07/94  The Ol900 Oneonta (1994): Ben as Tiger

A play by David Beaird, at the Old Vic and the Ambassadors Theatre, London, 1994. Set in 1979, the action is centered in the darkly gothic family mansion at 900 Oneonta. Knowing he is expending the last few hours of breath left in his life-scarred body, gleefully vicious 76-year-old family patriarch Dandy is determined to spend his remaining mortality skewering his monumentally inept heirs in a brutally direct, apocalyptic day of truth-telling and score-settling before announcing who will inherit his $20 million. 

Paul Taylor 20/7/94 “[…] and Ben Daniels matches the strength of the performance as the raving Tiger. […]” (Nominated for the Best Actor Award, Evening Standard Awards, 1994)

Photo GalleryVariety Review (1994) | Variety Review (1999)

Waiting For Godot (1994): Ben as Lucky

A play by Samuel Beckett, 1994

Cracks (1993): Ben as Gideon

At the Kings Head, 1993

ChjV0B5WwAA2h3qEntertaining Mr. Sloane (1993): Ben as Sloane

A play by Joe Orton, in a revival by Jeremy Sam, at the Greenwich Theatre, London,1993
Here, Kath (Janet Dale) and her brother Ed (Ian Gelder) are both seen to have carnal designs on her sexy, amoral, AC-DC lodger, Sloane. ‘I need … understanding,’ says Ben Daniels’ blond bombshell of a Sloane, making it sound as if he’d settle for a ‘right good seeing-to’ instead. […] Ben Daniels’ performance could do with a few disturbing flickers of the psychopath, but in general the production benefits from the way Sams has taken heed of Orton’s advice that the characters should be played sympathetically and not be reduced to ‘nympho’, ‘psycho’ and ‘queer’.”  review by Paul Taylor, in The Independent, 17 Feb, 1993

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Pride and Prejudice (1991): Ben as Mr. George Wickham

At the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, 7 Feb – 3 March 1991.

3189270Never the Sinner (1989 to 1990): Ben as Richard Loeb

A play by John Logan, at the Playhouse Theatre, London, 1989-1990.
Set in Chicago, in the summer of 1924, two young millionaires – Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb – abducted and killed fourteen-year-old Bobby Franks, horrifying a nation. (Nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award, Olivier Awards, 1991)

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bent-programme Bent (1989): Ben as Wolf

A play by Martin Sherman. Performed as an one night benefit for StonewallIt revolves around the persecution of gays in Nazi Germany, and takes place during and after the Night of the Long Knives.

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The Rain Gathering (1988)

A play by Jeremy Raison, at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 27 July – 3 Sept 1988.
A relationship falls apart on a beach, in fractured scenes and flashback.

The Tutor (1988): Ben as Bollwerk

A play by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Pip Broughton, at the Old Vic, London, 1988.

All’s Well That Ends Well (1987): Ben as Bertram

at the Haymarket Leicester.

Way Out of Order (1987): Ben as Sean

“4/5 adventurous people aged between 20-25 years old wanted for one-year’s expedition abroad. Specific skills required: mechanical, medical, etc. Expenses and equipment provided. Box K901.” At the Farnham Theatre, Farnham, UK.

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The Hypochondriac (1987): Ben as Clarence and Mr. Goodfaith


A play by Molière, translated by Alan Drury, directed by Nancy Meckler, at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre, Leicestershire (1986)




Electra (1986): Ben as Pylades

at the Haymarket Leicester.

B4_wJgoCQAAXPEe.jpg largeSomething Wicked Comes This Way (1986): Ben as William Holloway

Adapted from the 1962 novel by Ray Bradbury, at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre, c.1985-86

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The Winter’s Tale (1985 to 1986): Ben as Florizel

at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, c.1985-86

276328The Bronte of Haworth (1985): Ben as James Feather

A play by Christopher Fry, directed by Alan Ayckbourn, at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough (Opening Night – 11 Oct 1985).




Family Circles (1985): Ben as James

A play by Alan Ayckbourn,  about a couple with three daughters, postulating how different partners might have changed their lives with each daughter getting a new partner with each act. 1985 Revival (First performance: 4 September 1985) 1985, at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough.

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